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The Power to Push Campaign (and Best Birth Clinic) is entered in the Aviva Community Fund competition. The qualifying round continues until Nov 25, 2013 and voting for the semi-final round is open from Dec 2nd through Dec 11th. Please vote EVERY DAY at to show your support for our project.

Our goal at the Power to Push Campaign is to provide up-to-date resources for pregnant women and their families, encouraging them to know their options, advocate for their choices, and push for the safest and best birth possible. Along with general information about labour and delivery; we provide women with information about cesarean section, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and vaginal breech birth. We plan to use the Aviva money to fund our latest initiative; having our patient information handouts translated into Chinese, Punjabi and Vietnamese to support the mothers who give birth at BC Women’s and elsewhere with a limited understanding of English. We also plan to use the Aviva funds to hire a translator to attend Best Birth Clinic appointments as needed to ensure that all of our patients understand the information the obstetrician provides.

The unique thing about this opportunity is that the ideas are submitted for a public vote and then the finalists are judged by a panel. So we are asking everyone to share the link to our voting page with family, friends and colleagues. All Canadians are eligible to vote 15 times so you can vote for our project each and every day!

Here are some ways to help us spread the word:

  • Tell the next person you see about our project and ask them to vote.
  • Post this as your status on Facebook:
    I voted today. Have you? Vote for the Power To Push –Pregnancy Information Translation Project in the Aviva Community Fund competition EVERY DAY from Nov 11 – 25 at Your votes show you believe no woman should give birth without choice & understanding!
  • Tweet this:
    I vote everyday 4 @PowertoPush because I believe no woman should give birth without choice/understanding. #birthBC
  • Print this poster and post it at your school, workplace or community center.

Your votes show you believe no woman should give birth without choice & understanding.
Thank you!

The Power to Push Campaign and the Best Birth Clinic

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