New Research on VBAC and Doula Support Underway at the Best Birth Clinic

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Please note that recruitment for this study ends March 31, 2022
BC Women’s Hospital and the Best Birth Clinic are currently conducting a randomized clinical trial (RCT) that will shed light on better ways to support women in labour. This trial is about the effects of doula support for women attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). A doula is a non-medical labour support person who provides continuous emotional and physical support to women during labour and birth, as well as support for partners if needed. The doula meets with the woman prenatally to determine her preferences for supportive care during labour and birth. In addition to attending the birth the doula also has one visit with the new mother and her partner in the early postpartum period.

Women in the study are asked to fill out a short, five-minute questionnaire. The women will then be randomly assigned into two groups: one group is offered standard care; the other group is offered standard care plus doula support. Those in the doula support group will be provided with a trained, experienced doula — free of charge — to support them through their VBAC.

Who can join the study?
Women are eligible if:

  • their care provider has indicated that it is safe for them to have a VBAC
  • they have decided to plan a VBAC
  • they are planning to give birth and are preregistered at BC Women’s Hospital
  • they are carrying only one baby
  • the baby is in the head down position
  • they are not planning to hire a doula privately

For both groups, a researcher from the study will visit the women briefly in hospital to ask them to complete a short questionnaire about their birth experience. This questionnaire can also be completed on-line. Additional information will be collected from the hospital chart including, length of labour, pain relief methods and model of delivery.

To join or for more information:
Call the Best Birth Clinic at 604-875-2424, Extension 6387

Download the official study poster

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