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Research Study Information

A number of ethics-approved research projects are conducted through the Best Birth Clinic to help improve maternity care practices. Eligible women are recruited as study participants through the clinic. Participation is completely voluntary, and your decision whether to participate will not affect how you are treated at the clinic. All information gathered during research is strictly confidential.

VBAC and Doula Support:
Randomized Controlled Trial is being carried out on the effects of doula support for women attempting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). A doula is a non-medical, trained birth support person who can provide physical comfort measures and emotional support to women during labour and birth, as well as guidance and support for partners if needed. Women who come to the Best Birth Clinic for information and counselling on VBAC and choose to try for a VBAC automatically qualify, if they wish, to participate in this study. Participating women will be randomized into two groups, and those in the doula support group will be provided with a trained, experienced doula free of charge to support them through their VBAC.

Doula Support at BC Women’s Hospital:
A second qualitative study on doula support is also being designed, which will explore doula experiences and insights into supporting women seeking normal birth at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre.

External Cephalic Version:
When a baby is in the breech position (positioned head-up in the uterus), external cephalic version (ECV) is sometimes used to try to move the baby into a head-down position before labour begins. ECV involves having an experienced obstetrician press his or her hands on the women’s abdomen to try and rotate the baby. A study on the use of spinal anesthesia during ECV will also be carried out.

Elective Cesarean Birth:
Outcomes of counselling at the elective cesarean birth clinic will be researched and analyzed.