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More about the Campaign

The Best Birth Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre, and its Power to Push Campaign, are trustworthy resources for pregnant women and their families in BC seeking to experience the best birth possible. We believe that Power to Push encompasses a woman’s right to inform herself and her family, take control, and push for the safest and best birth possible. In addition, we offer evidence-based information and guidelines to maternity caregivers in BC so they will have the relevant tools to support every woman’s childbirth choices.

Our five key guiding messages:

  1. Our goal is to listen to what women want and facilitate the safest and best births possible for mothers and babies in BC. We recommend vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs) when indicated and aim to avoid unnecessary cesareans.
  2. We provide relevant, expert information and advice to pregnant women in BC— while respecting their individual choice and autonomy — to help them make informed choices and take control of their birthing experience.
  3. We support women and encourage them to embrace the knowledge that their bodies are powerful and designed to give birth.
  4. We positively influence and provide support to all maternity care givers in BC by offering them relevant, objective and evidence-based resources on all facets of childbirth including normal birth, breech births, VBACs and cesareans.
  5. Our project combines the expertise of many different caregivers including obstetricians, midwives, nurses, family physicians, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, researchers and doulas. We collaborate, respect and challenge each other’s viewpoint, and take time to listen to the women we care for.

The impetus for the campaign, and the core initiatives that it includes, are based on recommendations made in the Cesarean Birth in BC Consensus Panel Statement (Jan 2008) and the BCPHP Cesarean Birth Task Force Report (Feb 2008).

The Power to Push Campaign and the Best Birth Clinic are run by the BC Women’s Cesarean Task Force.

Maternity care providers are encouraged to contact us with questions or for more information. powertopush.ca

Members, BC Women’s Cesarean Task Force:

Lee Saxell, Registered Midwife (Project Lead)
Dale Steele, Obstetrician (OB Lead)
Pam O’Sullivan, Vice President – Acute Perinatal Program (Project Manager)
Andrea Aikens, Birthing Program Coordinator
Dena Bloomenthal, Obstetrician
Karen Buhler, Head – Dept of Family Practice
Philippe Chessex, Division Head - Neonatology
Jan Christilaw, President, BC Women’s Hospital
Leanne Dahlgren, Perinatologist
Lehe Elarar, Registered Midwife
Ellen Giesbrecht, Head – Dept of Obstetrics
Patti Janssen, UBC School of Population & Public Health
Lily Lee, Perinatal Nurse Consultant, Perinatal Services BC
Roanne Preston, Head – Dept of Anesthesiology
Helen Ting, Family Physician
Brenda Wagner, Medical Director, Perinatal Services BC