Elective Cesarean Section

We have created two resources for women and families who want more information about having a baby by a planned or elective cesarean section when there isn’t a medical reason to do so.

The Vaginal and Cesarean Birth – What is best for me and my baby? patient handout can help you compare the risks and benefits of a cesarean birth with those of a vaginal birth to make an informed choice. You may find that some risks are more important to you than others or that you wish to minimize the overall risk to you or your baby.
Vaginal and Cesarean Birth: What is best for me and my baby?

The Elective Cesarean Section video is 15 minutes long and covers:
• The risks associated with cesarean sections for you and your baby;
• The effect a cesarean section may have on your future births;
• What happens on the day of a C-section;
• When you can go home from the hospital;
• What recovery from a C-section is like; and
• What happens if you go into labour before the planned C-section date.